effective landscapes can help with reticulation design
residential and commercial reticulation installation
our team can assit with reticulation repairs

We specialise in designing, installing and maintaining reticulation & irrigation systems.

We carry our reticulation repairs for residential and commercial clients and have been providing reticulation services for over 12 years.

A well-designed reticulation system ensures water supply in the most effective and efficient manner. Water wastage is minimal and your garden or lawns will always benefit. Water supply can be directed and controlled based on the exact needs of specific areas, plants and lawns. Installing an effective water reticulation system is an investment for any property and will save you money by cutting down on water bills, fertilisation and maintenance costs.

We can service your reticulation / irrigation system and get it back working better than it was on first installation. Broken parts are replaced and equipment is fixed wherever necessary. We also have the tools to locate lost valves/solenoid and wiring issues. If need be, we are also capable of completely overhauling your reticulation system. Whether you have acreage or a small courtyard we can help you.

Effective Landscapes have installed hundreds of reticulation systems for customers throughout Perth. Using only quality brands we will design, install, and maintain a professional sprinkler system for your home or business.

First we come out to site and start by understanding your landscape, taking into account factors such as area, layout, plant types and lawn types that will be used, followed by creating a customised water reticulation system.

Equipped with experience, knowledge and latest technology we use quality leading brand parts the first time.

The systems are automated and normally last a lifetime. So, your garden or lawn remains in top shape regardless of whether you’re out of the country or aren’t able to devote time to it at all.


"Thank you to Mark and his team at Effective Landscapes. We now have the best looking front garden in Ascot"

Haley Monro

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